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WELCOME TO THE ABR TUTOR  Hello Dear Students Are you worried about the grammar part of  AHSEC class 12 English paper ? Don’t worry I am here to help you. AHSEC HS 2nd Year Class 12 English Grammar Narration  from past years papers has been given here. Narration HS 2nd year- 2022 Coming Soon!!!!! Narration HS 2nd year- 2021 Coming Soon!!!!! Narration HS 2nd year- 2020 1.Alexander said to Porus, “How do you desire to be treated?” He answered, “Like a king.” Ans: Alexander asked Porus How he desired to be treated. He answered that he desired to be teated like a king. 2.  The boys exclaimed in joy that they had all passed the test and that they would celebrate their success the next day. Ans: The boys said, “Hurrah! we all have passed the test. ‘’we shall all celebrate our success tomorrow”. Narration HS 2nd year- 20 19 Reena said to the boy, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying? Be cheerful.” Ans: Reena asked the boy what the matter was and why he was crying. She (Reena) asked him to b

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HSLC Class 10th SEBA Board Important Grammar Solution 2023 Hello Dear Students in this web post I have shared some Important  Grammar  SEBA HSLC Class 10 for 2023  Exam. Practice all the Solution given below because most of the Questions asked from previous year Question Papers so it is important for you to practice all the given notes.    Narration HSLC 1. H.S.L.C 1998 (a) Arun said, “I do not know this boy”. Answer: Arun said that he did know that boy. (b) I asked the boy if he had answered all the questions. Answer: I said to the boy, “Have you answered all the questions?" 2. H.S.L.C. 1999 (a) “I made some money yesterday” Anil said. Answer: Anil said that he had made some money the day before. (b) Raja told me that he would meet me the next day. Answer: Raja said to me, “I shall meet you tomorrow.” 3. H.S.L.C. 2000 (a) Anita said to Ravi, “Please lend me your pen”. Answer: Anita requested Ravi to lend her his pen. (b) The boy told me that his father would meet me soon. Answer: